Boiler Installation


There are three different types of domestic heating and hot water boiler that Uniplumb install, combination boilers, system boilers and open vented boilers. Since April 2005 your new boiler must, by law, be a high efficiency boiler or condensing boiler. This is a boiler that recovers heat that would  otherwise be wasted and uses it to improve the boiler’s heating efficiency.

Combination Boiler

A combi boiler eliminates the need to store hot water in a cylinder as it is both a water heater and central heating boiler. The boiler will run only when there is a demand for hot water or heating is required. 

Sealed system boiler

Sealed system boilers operate a pressurised sealed system. They are connected to a hot water cylinder and do not require an expansion tank in the roof.

Open vent boiler

Open vent boilers are part of a system that has two tanks in the loft. One will be small which is the expansion tank that supplies water to the boiler and radiators. The other is larger which supplies cold water to the open vented hot water cylinder. 

Boiler servicing in Cambridge from Uniplumb

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